How to Save on Car Insurance

  • Shop around

    If you need to get car insurance any time soon, it may be in your best interest to shop around.

  • Credit Score

    Having a good credit score will surely give you better opportunity in getting better deals with auto insurers.

  • Low Mileage

    If you run low mileage on your car, it means you are qualified for a low mileage discount.

  • Good Driving Record

    If you are able to maintain a good driving record for a few years, you will be eligible for a discount on the premiums you pay for car insurance.

  • Membership Discounts

    Certain clubs, companies, or professional organizations are eligible for discounts on certain insurance companies they are affiliated with.

Benefits of car insurance in Barrie

D.G. Bevan Insurance Brokers Ltd comes with a lot of benefits, not only to the driver but also to the third party. Accidents are unplanned for and can happen to anyone causing significant financial losses.